Bridal Shoot with Gold House Studio

My really talented childhood friend, Megan, has this adorable photography company called Gold House Studio. She has a magical way of making everyone feel comfortable when she’s taking photos and then her final product is always nothing short of stunning. Megan took some of our engagement photos (which you’ll see later this year) and all of my graduation photos, but this was one of my favorite photo shoots that we did together. Also, check out the rest of Megan’s work here. :)

Ps. I’ve got a new blog series kicking off next month and it’s all about really awesome people (like Megan) who have made their passion part of their job! Stay tuned, friends! Continue reading


Our Wedding Day

On April 11th I had the privilege of marrying the man I call my best friend. The fact that three months have already passed since our wedding day is really crazy to me. I mean, wasn’t I just stressing over details and doing the crazy wedding planning dance!? (By the way, out of state wedding planning is absolutely nuts). Before our wedding, I would pray all the time that our marriage would be far more beautiful and joyful than our wedding. Our wedding was beyond what I could’ve imagined, so this marriage has a lot to live up to. But honestly, I think it’s up for the challenge! It’s been a beautiful three months with lots of challenges, changes and adventures. I see why marriage is such a great thing and how it teaches you so much about yourself, your spouse and life.

Enjoy a few photos and details about our wedding attire, decorations and other ideas! These photos put the biggest smile on my face. Also, stay tuned for posts about lessons I’ve learned in marriage, wedding planning tips and details about our Italian honeymoon. Continue reading