Life Lately

The month of October has been a much needed change of pace from the rest of the year. It was filled with evenings with friends, visits from family, a cooking class, farmer’s market mornings and antique shop finds. We’ve been able to work on our house a lot lately and find a bit more time for “staycations.” Also, I finally got to bring out my fall sweaters and it felt so good. :) Here are a few photos of life lately.


One of our favorite parts about our city is Main Street and how much our town is investing in this area. It’s given us a few really awesome restaurants and some great memories with friends.

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Fall Fashion

I know, I know…it’s hard to think about fall and pulling your sweaters out of the closet when it’s still 95 degrees outside. But, I know fall is coming soon (crossing fingers). So, I decided to compile a few of my favorite fall pieces for you to check out. My all-time favorite place to shop for basics¬† would definitely be H&M, but I’ve linked a couple of other great stores, as well.¬† I like H&M because they are affordable and I feel like their stuff fits me well. I’m okay splurging on things I know will last a long time (like boots or jeans), but with my line of work, I don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes when they might get smeared with glue or things that come out of faces. So, check out a few of my recent favorites & happy fall shopping! :)


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A fall video & apple recipes

Hope you guys are having a happy November so far and enjoying the weekend! It’s been a rainy few weeks for us and I’ve been fighting some sort of cold for a while now, so we were definitely ready for this weekend and this new month. Thankfully, we shouldn’t be doing as much traveling for the next few weeks and I am SO excited about that. I love to travel, but sometimes it gets a bit tiring. So, I’m happy to get to be a homebody for the next few weeks. Yay!!

As promised, here’s a video of our recent fall festivities and adventures with friends when they came to visit a few weekends ago. See my first post about our apple picking and wine tasting! These little videos are so much fun to put together and always remind me that I need to take videos way more often than I do. (Video at end of this post. Music is “Times Goin” by the Riverside. Check them out here.)

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Apple Picking & Wine Tasting

This past weekend, the hubs and I had two of our very best friends staying with us. We always love when the Fontenots come for a visit, because times with the Fontenots are always good times. They were with us when we got engaged last year (can’t wait to share that story!!) and they were both in our wedding. Although we’d been wine tasting together, we had never been apple picking together. So we knew this weekend was going to be epic. :)

On Saturday, we drove from Atlanta to Ellijay. It’s a tiny little mountain place in North Georgia and it is just the epitome of fall. There are apple orchards, wineries, back roads and the prettiest fall leaves you’ve ever seen. Enjoy a few pictures from our time at B.J. Reece Orchards and Cartecay Vineyards.

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Fabric Garland

One of my favorite easy decorations for a party or the holidays is definitely a fabric garland. Between all the bridal showers, baby showers and birthday parties my family and I have thrown over the years, we’ve made a bunch of these. They’re super easy and fairly inexpensive, especially if you’re someone who generally has a box of extra fabric lying around (guilty). I made one for Christmas last year and used one in my classroom too. This year, I had all these fabric leftovers from other projects, so I made one this weekend for the fall season. I made it while the hubs and I watched Suits (seriously, the BEST show ever and you should all start watching it too). Besides the fabric, all you need is the white rope. It’s just $1.99 at Hobby Lobby and if you catch it when it’s 50% off…that’s basically free. Haha

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Plantation & Stone Mountain Exploring

This past weekend, some of Matt’s family came for a visit to Atlanta. A lot of our weekend was spent eating delicious food, touring old plantations, exploring Stone Mountain and enjoying the incredible fall weather. I’m talking about 60 degree weather! I don’t know about you, but I live for colder weather, wearing scarves and boots. I am so beyond ready to shed this Atlanta heat. If you ever get a chance to visit the Atlanta area, you should definitely check out the two places we toured this weekend! The first was the Archibald Smith Plantation in Roswell, Georgia. The second was the plantation at Stone Mountain, as well as Stone Mountain’s famous rock just on the outskirts of Atlanta. I love getting to explore our new city and I like it even better when family tags along! :) Continue reading