Favorite newborn items (and advice)!

As promised, here’s my list of our favorite newborn baby items, what we found helpful and a few lessons we learned along the way. Everyone’s journey is different, but these are the top things we found helpful. First, I just want to say that newborn life is really so magical and wonderful. Yeah, there are sleepless nights. Yes, there are a TON of bodily fluids involved. You’re healing, baby is adjusting to the outside world and life is kinda just turned upside down. But, the newborn baby bubble is also really wonderful and sweet. And as everyone says, it goes SO fast. I can’t believe Eloise is already 10 weeks old. Ps. if you missed Eloise’s birth story, here it is!

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Eloise’s Birth Story

I can’t believe we’ve gotten to be Eloise’s parents for a month! She’s the most precious, lovely little lady and we feel so blessed God chose us to be her parents. I don’t think I could ever adequately put into words how much we love her. We spend these winter days snuggling and kissing her constantly. I absolutely adore this newborn stage. I just can’t believe these bump pictures were a month ago. Time is moving so quickly (way too quickly), but there are so many things I’m looking forward to doing with her and teaching her. I can’t wait to see what each day brings and how she grows. I can’t wait to teach her how to be a friend and love learning. I can’t wait to take her to New York City and Paris (and the rest of the world) one day with her girl cousins. I can’t wait to see how she experiences the world and learns to love those around her. We pray daily that she’s a joyful, kind, fun, generous, selfless person who never goes a day where she doesn’t know God’s love for her or our love for her.


A few moments after meeting Eloise for the first time! Happy birthday, baby girl.

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