Cold Weather Packing in a backpack

Hi friends! I’ve posted before about my packing tips for packing in a backpack, but it was for a warmer weather trip to Italy. This time, I wanted to share some tips on packing for a winter or colder trip in a backpack. I can’t say enough good things about packing in a backpack and how easy it makes travel. Here’s my last post on packing in a backpack and my trip planning tips where I link a few of the items I use for packing. In this post, I’ll show you how to pack for a 7-10 day trip to a colder place and share where you can find a few of my favorite winter travel items.

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The first thing we did upon arrival at our hotel (we loved the Warwick for so many reasons) was venture out to the Pike's Place Market. They have the original Starbucks, fish being thrown around, flowers by the bundles and all sorts of other things to see.

9 Trip planning tips

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about trip and travel planning, so I thought I’d do an updated post all about my very best travel tips. Check out my previous Euro trip planning post here. In this post I’ll show you where to buy a few of our favorite travel items and I’ll share travel tips I’ve learned since my previous post. I’m in no way an expert, but I’ve found that other blogger’s honest opinions and travel posts have actually been one of the most helpful tools for me while trip planning for us. I’m pretty Type-A and I’m all about budget friendly travel, so if you’re into that, this post is for you!


“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things can not be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” -Mark Twain

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Here you can see how I carried my bags when traveling from city to city. The Porter was perfect for me and I felt like I could easily carry it.

My favorite travel clothes

Hi friends!

You guys know I love to travel, but I think I love the planning part of traveling just as much as the trip itself. It’s a weird Type-A sort of thing. 😉 One of the most important parts of planning a trip is figuring out what to pack and how to pack. We love to pack our things in our Osprey backpacks, even for longer trips like our two week trip to Italy or trip to Seattle & Vancouver. See my previous posts about packing in a backpack and my detailed packing list.

I’ve found that you can still pack in a carry-on-backpack and look cute while traveling. And here’s how! Check out the links below. :)


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

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2 Week Packing List

Hi friends!

As promised, here’s my version of a 2 week trip’s packing list. Remember that this packing list is for those who would like to pack in a backpack, but you could modify it for any trip. We have recently discovered that we love to travel with backpacks (not a new concept, but new to us) and we know a lot of people who are interested in doing the same. If you missed my post from a few days ago, here it is! It’s full of advice on how to pack for a trip in a backpack and why it’s definitely worth the extra effort. Also, here’s a post about our Italian honeymoon and advice on how to plan a Euro trip with links pointing you to where you can find various helpful travel items. Continue reading


Packing for Europe (in a backpack)

One of my favorite things about our recent trip to Italy was that we packed everything in a backpack and a little purse/day pack. When people find out that we packed everything for two weeks in such small bags, their eyes get big and their next question is “WHY?” So, here’s why.

Why pack in a backpack for 2 weeks?

As I said in my first post about our trip, I’d done the whole travel amongst many cities and carry a large bag thing. It’s not for me. I love clothes and shoes just as much as the next girl, but I was tired of lugging a massive suitcase all over the place. I wanted the freedom to know I could carry everything I needed and didn’t need anyone’s help. I also knew we would be traveling amongst various cities, catching trains and planes with short layovers.  I didn’t want to worry about checking a bag and possibly losing it. I wanted my bag to fit in all overhead compartments and allow me to be as mobile as possible. For travel tips, check out my trip planning post. Continue reading


Planning a Euro trip

Planning a trip can be daunting, especially when it’s a foreign country and somewhere you’ve never been. For me, planning trips combines just about everything I love to do. I caught a severe case of wanderlust a few years back when I started traveling as a kid and I’ve been adding to my travel bucket list ever since. Then I married someone who feels the same way I do about traveling. There never seems to be enough time or money to visit all the places we want to see, but we can certainly try!

My second time in Europe, I was in college and able to study abroad for the summer. This was the first major trip where I did a large portion of the planning and I was hooked. Through the experiences of family, friends and myself, I’ve learned a lot about how to plan an international (or domestic) trip. I thought I’d share all of these tips in a blog series so my fellow wanderlusters can make use of them too! There’s a lot of info here, but I thought it was all important to share. Enjoy! :) Continue reading