Rome City Guide

I’d say Rome is just about everything I imagined it to be. It’s magical, whimsical and colorful. To say it has history would be an understatement. It easily made its way to my favorite city list and I’d happily make a return trip anytime. My biggest piece of advice when visiting this city would just be to follow that old saying, “when in Rome!” and do everything you can do. Here are a few helpful tips, recommendations and things we especially loved about Rome! If you’d like to check out our other Italian City Guides, here’s one about Venice and one about Florence & Tuscany. Also, see how we packed for our Italy adventure in backpacks! Happy travels, friends. :)


The best part of traveling is who you get to travel with and this guy is my favorite travel buddy. :)

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Florence & Tuscany Guide

Tuscany is a spectacular region of Italy that includes many of the famous cities you’ve seen in movies or read about in books. It’s mostly known for the greatest things in Italy, like wine, cheese and olive oil (what more could you want!?). The land itself is incredible, with lots of rolling hills and breathtaking views. When visiting Tuscany, we chose to stay in Florence, because it gave us easy access to a lot of other famous cities. Florence is what I would call a good combination of spunky and historic. It’s unique and vibrant, but also has a ton of incredible art and old cobblestones. There’s so much culture and a bit of a college town feel. In all honesty, Florence isn’t my all time favorite city, but several friends have said it was one of their favorites. I’d say it’s for sure a must-see when you visit Italy. So. Much. History. Continue reading


Venice Guide

Venice, as my husband puts it, is unlike any other city. It’s incredibly unique with its rich colors, lack of cars, transportation only by boat or foot, abundance of bridges and rich history. We found Venice to be the perfect place to start our Italian honeymoon, because it’s in the northern part of Italy where our journey would begin and it was a surprisingly relaxing city.

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