Life Lately

Life lately has been really sweet, quiet and…normal. Matt and I have waited a long time for that and we are both so thankful. After long distance dating, two years of him being on the night shift and our wedding festivities, we finally have time to invest in our new city together and live life on the same schedule. I never thought I’d be so excited to just have a normal life with a normal schedule. I’m grateful for what we went through over the last few years, because it taught us both a lot about trusting God’s timing and showed us what we’re made of (the good and bad). When I wrote my New Year’s goals last month, one of the main things I wanted to focus on was trying to do a better job of keeping a life balance and I think now is the best time to start working on that. I realize this is a big goal, because it’s part of so many areas and aspects of daily life. Continue reading


2016, let’s go!

I always love how the new year makes everyone feel so hopeful and full of possibilities. I always find it a good time to reflect on the past year and what I’d like to see come out of the new year. Hope you all are having a wonderful 2016 so far. We sure are! We spent the new year with some of our best friends, relaxing, hiking and doing what friends do best. :) More on that later!


By the way, I believe 2015 turned around my view of the outdoors. I used to be someone who really wasn’t a fan of the outdoors, but something changed. So, I’m looking forward to more time outside in this beautiful city in 2016!

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Our 1st Married Christmas

This Christmas season has been so special because it’s our first married Christmas. We are able to start our own traditions and borrow some of the ones we had growing up. This time of year has probably been one of my favorite parts of our first year of marriage. We haven’t had a shortage of celebrations-Christmas parties, weddings and quiet nights at home by the tree. We’ve had too many baked goods, lots of hot coco and Christmas shopping. I even got to carry on one of my favorite traditions of going to see the Nutcracker with my aunt. That ballet will never get old. And the kids at school make Christmas even more exciting, because we literally listen to Christmas music all day long while we do some sort of Christmas craft or Christmas themed lesson. Ps. Is it weird that I still haven’t gotten over Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You? 😉

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With the holidays quickly approaching, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about this time of year and reflecting on what 2015 has meant to me. One of the biggest things I’ve been reminded of this year is just how much I have to be grateful for and what it means to be truly grateful. I work with kids on a daily basis, so I have the honor and privilege of shaping these young minds into compassionate, loving and kind little people. But, I’ve noticed that one of the hardest things to teach them is how to be grateful. Yes, they understand you have to say “thank you” when someone gives you something, but it’s really difficult to truly teach this middle class American generation (and mine too) what it looks like to be grateful. I think part of our society’s consumerism is to blame and our obsession with having the newest, biggest, brightest and best of everything. Unfortunately, kids learn from TV, movies, music, adults and stores that what they have isn’t good enough and that they deserve to have something more because someone else has something better than them. This is such a dangerous game to play. And I really don’t know how to fix it (but we certainly try). Continue reading


Our Engagement Story

Today marks one year since my sweet husband got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I thought the best way to tell our engagement story would be to share something I wrote about our engagement right after it happened. And I hope you guys enjoy a few pictures of that sweet day! :)

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And then there was the winery in San Gimignano...

What I’ve learned from 6 months of marriage

I’m not really sure how to sum up the last six months of marriage in one blog post. In the big picture of life, six months isn’t much time and it’s still considered part of the “honeymoon phase,” but they also say the first few months of marriage are really important because you set a direction for the rest of your marriage. For us, these few months seem to be busy recovering from the wedding, settling into a new normal, a job change and traveling a bit (and of course attending more weddings of friends haha). With any change, I think it’s important to give yourself time to process it and get your feet on the ground.

Still can’t get over how much I loved this day. I love that it was just the start to our marriage and a time to celebrate with the ones we love most. If you didn’t get to see our wedding post, here it is. :)

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1 Year Atlanta Anniversary

One year ago this month, I packed up my things and headed north to Atlanta for what would be one of the sweetest (uh, maybe I should say “peachiest”) chapters of my life so far. I hesitated to write this post for a while now, because it’s such a daunting topic for me. I’m not even sure how to begin to explain the ways moving has changed me and what it’s taught me. Honestly, I would encourage almost every young couple or young twenty-something person to try moving to a new place. Yeah, you do that in college, but moving as an adult who is solely responsible for themselves and maybe even their spouse is a huge bonding experience. In fact, I’m convinced that Matt and I have a better relationship because we were both moved away from everything that was familiar to us for over twenty years and had to figure things out on our own. Moving to a new state changes your daily life in one fell swoop and leaves you trying to decide how to get your feet back on solid ground. It leaves you having to decide what’s important, what relationships you’ll pursue, how you’ll portray yourself and where you’ll find your source of joy. And that is often where the real learning begins… Continue reading


Hello, friends!

A few months ago, I decided that this new chapter in my life deserves an updated blog space and a new name. My old blog was a bit outdated and needed some work. So, my husband and I decided to do something about it once all the crazy wedding stuff calmed down. As some of you know, a lot has changed over the last few years and more rapidly over the last few months. It’s absolutely insane how quickly life changes after college. There have been new jobs, adjusting to grown up responsibilities, moving to a new state, new family members, a wedding and traveling a lot in between.

All of this is to say that life moves incredibly fast and seems to present its fair share of challenges along the way. For me, the best way to deal with a fast paced, constantly changing life has always been to write about it. I’m sentimental, so I like the documentation and I like the fact that it helps me reflect on where we’ve been. I’ve also found that when we write about things, we tend to be more honest with ourselves. And when we are more honest with ourselves, we’re much more likely to impact and help others who may be going through the same challenges. That’s exactly what I hope to do with this blog. Continue reading