Baby Registry Guide Part 2

If you didn’t catch my first baby registry post, here it is! As promised, here’s the next part of my registry guide which includes my take on more expensive items and things you “need” for baby. :) Hope you find it helpful!


Large Expense Baby Items:

  • Stroller-The stroller is expensive no matter what. We opted for the Britax B Ready because it converts to an in line double stroller which was important to me so we don’t have to buy another $400-600 stroller when we have more kids. I love that the Britax B Ready still lets you fold it with two seats attached. You won’t want to take off the extra seat every time you have to fold it. Although, you may have to anyway because no matter what, double strollers get heavy. The other options I love for convertible strollers are the Baby Jogger City Select and the Uppa Baby. You have to remember to coordinate your stroller with your car seat, because if not, you’ll have to buy adapters that cost extra to make the car seat fit. You should also remember that pretty much everything is extra-the second stroller seat, cup holders, etc.
    • If you want, you can look on local facebook garage sale or baby item sale groups or Craigslist for stroller that are used. You’ll usually get a much better deal and they’ll be totally great! We bought ours used from my sister.
    • Shop around between Amazon, Target, Walmart for the best price on a new stroller.
    • Britax B Ready (stroller we have and loooove)
    • Baby Jogger
    • Stroller Caddy-this is another more inexpensive option especially if you buy a Graco car seat or Chicco Keyfit car seat. Several friends loved having this stroller caddy instead of a big travel system. When the baby outgrew the infant car seat, they would just use an umbrella stroller.
    • Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Black-you can use this for travel on planes, quick visits to the store once your baby can sit up or isn’t in the infant seat.
  • Car Seat-Your baby will need two car seats and eventually a booster seat. The first car seat will be the infant car seat that will likely clip into your stroller. After they outgrow that, they’ll need a convertible car seat and some of these also eventually become booster seats. I recommend going ahead and registering for both car seats, because it’ll save you the $300 expense when your baby outgrows the first one. After much research, talking with friends and my own experience, here’s what I recommend.
  •  Changing table-Just get a regular dresser works best for a changing table so they can use it as they grow up and put a changing pad on top. We love the Hemnes one from Ikea (there are two option found here and here.)
  • Crib and mattress-I adore this I adore this DaVinci Jenny Lind crib because it’s not huge, comes in various colors and can become a toddler bed with the addition of a small side rail.
    • Don’t forget your *waterproof* crib mattress and in my opinion, there’s no need to pay a ton of money for this.
  • Rocker or glider-We love this Delta glider/rocker and it’s not crazy expensive while also being compact enough for our small nursery. I have two friends who also love their Delta rocker. We chose the Delta Furniture Upholstered Glider Swivel Rocker Chair in sand and it can be found on Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock.

*A note on baby seats/swings/etc: If you have a two story house, you may want a swing on one floor, a baby seat on another floor so you don’t have to keep moving things while trying to hold a baby. Basically go about your day and try to think about when/where you need to set baby down. For example, I get ready, shower and fold laundry in my bedroom so I knew I needed to put a swing or baby seat in our bedroom. I also know I cook, do dishes, etc in the living room/kitchen area so I also knew I needed a seat for her there too so I could put her down. Just something to think about when registering for items in your home.

A few items you don’t need even though people try to tell you that you do:

Diaper genie or diaper pail-not necessary because the best way to do this is to use a small $5 trash can and tie up each diaper in a Publix bag. You’ll have to take the trash out daily. Or better yet, wrap the diaper up in a plastic Publix bag and take it straight outside to the trash! Diaper genies are a mess, don’t always hold the smell in and are a pain to change out the bag.

Mamaroo-These were all the rage for a hot minute. Most of my friends say just use a swing if someone lets you borrow theirs or get a cheap one. The Mamaroo is so expensive and several of my friends said their kids hated it! Eloise didn’t love it either.

Baby food processor (Baby Bullet)-Just use a blender instead.

Diaper wipe warmer-Not a fan of these at all, because when you have to change your kid in public and the wipes are cold….not a good situation. If you never introduce them to warm wipes, they won’t know there’s another way. Refreshingly cool wipes are just fine.

Bottle Sanitizer-These are great but also take up space. They’re nice because you can sanitize your bottles in the microwave, but you can also boil them in a bot or in really hot water. However, I do like the Medela sanitizer bags for breast pump parts and other things that need to be cleaned quickly. They don’t take up as much space.

Bassinet-In my opinion and my pediatrician’s opinion, these are a waste of money. Just use a pack & play with an infant area because they will outgrow the bassinet so quickly. Plus, who wants to store more baby stuff!?

Moses basket and stand-I love mine, but it works for us because we have an up and downstairs and need a place to put her on different floors. These are not technically safe for baby to sleep in overnight, though!

Stay tuned for a nursing post! :) Hope this helps!