Baby Registry Guide Part 1

After being a mom for 7 months and years of nannying, I figured it was time to compile my own baby registry guide. There’s just a lot of stuff out there and I would say a good 80% of it is a waste. It’s overwhelming to decide what to register for and what you actually need. So, here are my ideas on what you need and what you don’t…but remember, everyone is different. :) This list is pretty long, so I’m breaking it up into a few parts. Hope you find it helpful!

First, here’s some helpful registry info as you’re getting started:

  • Target Registry is easy because people can buy items in store or online, which is especially great for elderly people who are not super computer savvy. 😉
    • Target will give you a 15% off online and 15% off store coupon about 2 months before your due date for things on your registry. You can buy items from your registry with this that you did not get during baby showers and from loved ones. So if you have any last minute items, even thinks like nursing supplies or Tucks pads, add them to your registry and then buy them so you can apply the discount.
    • Be sure to stop by the guest services desk to get your welcome kit which will have samples, coupons and a few other good items.
  • Amazon Registry was my favorite! If you are a prime member, they have even better perks. For one, if you spend $1000 off of your registry with qualifying items, you get a $100 diaper giftcard. So, that $1000 comes from gifts you and others buy from your registry. They also give you a welcome box and a couple other perks depending on what’s available. For example, I got a few free bottles in addition to the welcome box and a free 8×10 Amazon Prints Canvas print.
  • Babylist is another option, where you put all your registries in one place and can register for random things from etsy and other shops without doing an entire registry at that store.
  • Buy Buy Baby is another one people love, but I personally don’t love Buy Buy Baby. However, you can use Bed Bath & Beyond coupons there if you have any of those!

So here’s what you should register for:

Clothing: Zip up or magnetic pajamas (no snaps or buttons!!), open bottom pajamas, baby pants/leggings, Gerber short sleeve onesies, Gerber white onesies, white shirts for newborn days (hospital will likely send you home with some), cute outfits that are easy to change, baby hats, baby socks

Notes on clothing: You don’t need a ton of newborn clothes, because most babies only wear them for a few short weeks. Register for 4-6 of each clothing item in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months. Keep in mind the seasons when registering for clothes.

Blankets/Cloths: Burp cloths, muslin swaddle blankets (4-6), Halo sleeper swaddles (I find swaddling to be very difficult so these are amazing), wearable blanket (for transitioning out of swaddle), larger blanket/quilt for tummy time (2-4), crib sheets (3-4 because you’ll change these a lot), mattress protector (unless mattress already has plastic cover over it), pack & play sheets (1-2), multi-use pads.

Feeding: Nursing cover, cloth bibs, plastic bibs (for when you start solids), spoons, bowls, Avent bottles (I found worked best for breastfeeding/bottle feeding), Medela double pump (should be able to order this from insrance), Haakkaa pump (lifesaver for breastfeeding moms!), grass drying rack, bottle brush, travel bottle brush kit. I will have a more detailed nursing post coming soon! :)

Diapering: Changing pad, changing pad covers (2-4), changing pad savers, travel diaper changing pad, purple tube of Desitin, Butt Paste, Aquaphor,  travel size version of diaper rash cream for diaper bag,

Notes on diapers: Register for sizes newborn through size 2-Pampers are the best! After Pampers, I like Aldi, Babyganics, and then Huggies. Target often has a deal where you spend $100 on baby products and get a $20 giftcard, so we just buy diapers then. Amazon also has subscribe and save for diapers and that’s the best price we’ve found! For wipes, Pampers sensitive skin or natural care, Costco Kirkland’s brand, Target store brand and Walmart store brand are all great.

Bathing/grooming: Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat TubMustella soaps (especially if you have a winter baby with cradle cap), Aveeno soaps, dye free Target brand baby Tylenol, Little Remedies Gas Drops, Little Remedies Gripe Water, nail clippers, nail files (I file her nails more than clipping!), brush/comb set, saline nasal spray, nose bulb syringe (some love the Nose Frida, but I don’t find it necessary), bath towels (2-4), washcloths (5-10), thermometer,

Random Items: rear car seat mirror, sound machine (lifesaver!!), boppy nursing pillow (I didn’t use mine as much for nursing but as a prop for Eloise to lean on or sit up in), pacifier (some kids hate these so don’t go crazy).

Baby Gadgets: Bumbo with tray, Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper (be sure to get the auto one with an outlet plug), Pack & Play (with changing compartment for when baby is in your room during first few weeks), swing (that also has a bouncy seat), Moby Wrap or Solly Wrap, Baby Gym, diaper bag backpack, Ergo Baby Carrier 360 with infant insert, Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor.

Next post will include larger baby items, furniture, and other more expensive baby items to register for and cheaper ways to finish preparing for you baby’s arrival!

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