Eloise’s Baby Video

You guys know that I love a good home video or a travel video, but I don’t think I’ve ever really explained why. I really wanted to make sure I documented Eloise’s early days (her birth story can be found here) in video form because my parents were so good at taking videos of us as kids. Those have been so much fun to watch as I’ve grown up and I wanted to make sure Eloise had something like that too. Oftentimes, the family members in my childhood videos aren’t around anymore so it’s always really special for me to get to see them on the screen. I think this has always helped encourage a sense of family and connections to those family members who have since passed away. We live in the age of cellphones where we can constantly reach for our phones and snap a photo or video, but I feel like we never do anything with them.  So, here’s the story of my pregnancy with Eloise and the first few weeks of her new life. :) When she watches this one day, I hope she is always reminded of how excited we were to meet her and how she’s always been such a joy for our family. Hope you enjoy and I’m excited to share more of these videos soon!

Ps. One of these days I’ll get around to better documenting some of our baby items, my registry guide and a few other things we’ve learned along the way!