South Coast Tour (Iceland Part 5)

For the last of my Iceland posts, I thought I’d share about our South Coast Iceland tour. It was a really cool tour, because like the other tours, it showed us a very different part of Iceland. We used GeoIceland for this tour. One of my favorite things on this trip was getting to see a real life glacier and touch it. Glaciers are such rare things for people to see (at least where we live ;). We experienced some wild Icelandic weather that day and got drenched on our walk to the glacier, which is why we don’t have a ton of photos from that part of the day. My iPhone had so many water spots on the camera lenses, haha. We saw several more waterfalls and another beach with what we were told are basically killer waves. They actually warn you not to go too close to the shoreline, because these waves will actually kill you. Apparently, there are a lot of natural phenomenons in Iceland that can kill you, so just something to remember. 😉 Also, this is another reason I think it’s worth it to have a tour guide, because Iceland’s weather, nature and roads were VERY foreign to us. Enjoy a few photos of our last Iceland post!


So many pretty waterfalls everywhere you look!


A bit freezing today too!


Our foggy, rainy walk to the glacier. You can see a little more from this part of our day in our Iceland video.


A real life glacier!


The beach and its killer waves.


The waves don’t look that big from this distance, but we didn’t get too close to test them. ;)


The black lava beaches were pretty cool to see.


We looked out over areas where a lot of birds migrate throughout the year. This area’s cliffs were full of birds as the migrating season was just beginning.


More beautiful waterfall photos.

IMG_8481And that’s a wrap on our Iceland photos! Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our adventure through photos and videos. Let me know if you have any questions about our trip and I’m happy to share any info I have!