Snaefellsnes Peninsula Tour (Iceland Part 4)

Our Snaefellsnes Peninsula tour through Discover Iceland was one of our most magical adventures in Iceland! If you missed my other Iceland posts, you can find the Golden Circle post here, Reykjavik City Guide here and Iceland travel video here. The Snaefellsnes tour was a small tour, just us and two other people from London. Our tour guide was a local who ended up introducing us to his brother and having us over for afternoon coffee. On this tour, we were hit with a much darker gloomy day and so much ice that I often thought my toes were dying (haha, Florida girl at heart). Half the time I felt like I was in a snow globe or some made up magical winter wonderland. We saw places where they filmed Game of Thrones and touched what looked like the arctic. We even got to see black sand beaches and explore all sorts of natural Icelandic landscape that was so different from our other tours. And perhaps the coolest thing we did on this tour was adventure into a lava cave. I’ve never seen such a magical place in my life! Here are a few photos so you can see for yourself.


One of our first stops on the tour was getting to see this famous church called Búðakirkja.


If you need an idea of how cold it was that day…


The black lava beaches were so cool to explore!


He’s the best travel buddy around. And to think we’d only known for less than 24 hours that we were going to be parents. :)


The scenery in this place was breathtaking, despite the cold.


Always a dancer!


This looked like a scene from a movie, but it’s the path you had to walk in order to get down to the black beaches.


Their beaches are a lot different than the ones I grew up visiting in Florida. ;)


After exploring beaches, churches, cliffs and getting lost (panic moment for me)…we got to explore a lava cave!


This lava cave went really deep into the ground and was incredible quiet and dark when you got to the bottom. It was an incredible experience.


When we got out of the van to explore this arctic wonderland, we couldn’t believe it was real. At this point, we were actually quite close to Greenland.

IMG_8352 IMG_8355

We seriously had some cool adventures in 2017! I’ve got one more Iceland post to share and then it’ll be time to share my Travel Diary from 2017. This year has been one for the books. :)