Floral Letter E Project

One of my favorite nursery projects was the floral letter E I made to go over the baby’s crib. I found some similar ones on Etsy, but I made this one for about $10-15. Here’s an easy step by step tutorial on how to make a really cute floral letter. :)

IMG_91021. Collect Supplies: You’ll need a hot glue gun, sharpie, glue sticks, scissors, wire cutter/pliers or box cutter, cardboard.


2. Decide on the flowers/colors you want to go with and cut your flowers: I knew I wanted yellows, pinks and bright colored flowers, so that’s what I searched for. You can find cheap flowers at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or my personal favorite, the Dollar Tree! You’re going to end up taking the flower off the stem and using some of the greenery, so keep that in mind. Make sure the flowers can lay relatively flat on the cardboard letter you’ll later cut. You’ll want a variety of flower sizes, as well.


3. Cut your cardboard to make your letter: I used an IKEA box and cut the letter E out of it. I traced the letter with a ruler and free handed. However, you could print a letter out and cut it out before tracing it (especially with more difficult letters like G or B). Decide on the size of your letter by measuring the space you have to hang the letter. I found that using a box cutter worked really well to cut the cardboard. If it’s not exact, don’t stress because the cardboard’s ragged edges will be covered by flowers and glue.


4. Start placing your flowers and glue them: Arrange your flowers based off of color and what looks good to you. It took a few times for me to arrange the flowers before gluing them. Don’t forget to use some of the leaves and greenery to add contrast to the flowers. I recommend placing large flowers first and filling in with smaller flowers.


5. Admire your floral letter and hang it on the wall: I loved how this turned out! I ended up hanging mine with a gold hook and ribbon over the crib. Can’t wait to show photos of how it looks in her room!


Happy crafting!