Mirror Lake Exploring (Utah Part 2)

If you didn’t catch my first Utah post, be sure to check it out for my recommendations on what to do in Salt Lake City and Park City. One of my favorite things we did in Utah was take a trip to Mirror Lake. It was a gorgeous 45-60 minute drive, easy for all of our family members (who were a variety of ages) and so much fun. We were able to walk around the lake and get some beautiful photos of the scenery. On our way to Mirror Lake, we stopped at the Samak Smoke House for a bathroom break, beef jerky and other goodies. We took our time on the drive up to Mirror Lake, admiring the scenery, stopping for photos and getting out to explore Upper Provo Falls.


One we arrived at Mirror Lake, we had a picnic at one of the many tables they have available. It’s a really beautiful, family friendly park with a walking trail all around the lake that’s not at all difficult. You can even canoe or kayak in the water if you’d like, as well as camp at any of the nearby camping sites. On our way back to Park City from Mirror Lake, we stopped at Mirror Lake Diner for a yummy late lunch. It was such a beautiful day with perfect weather! Highly recommend this trip for any age range or group dynamics. Hope you enjoy a few photos. :)


Tips for Mirror Lake Day Trip: Pack a jacket (windbreaker or fleece) because it’s cold up in the mountains, be aware of the altitude/shortness of breath you may experience, drink TONS of water because of dry air, don’t forget your camera, pack snacks & you’ll find bathrooms along the Mirror Lake Highway (but they are nasty).


Baby girl seemed to like traveling quite a lot! We hit the 23 week mark on the day we flew home from Utah! I’ve said it before, but I can’t believe how this pregnancy is flying. <3


Best travel buddy around. :)


Upper Provo Falls


It took us a while to get to Mirror Lake, because we had to stop for these views. So beautiful!



Mirror Lake was the prettiest place to take an afternoon walk and take in these views. Nothing like the stuff we see in the south!


And the weirdest thing we saw while in Utah…haha!

Happy travels!