DIY Lampshade

For a couple of years now, I’ve had this somewhat plain lamp and lampshade that’s sort of made its way to several different rooms. It turns out that this lamp was just waiting to be used as a nursery lamp and needed a little extra help. So, here’s my DIY lampshade tutorial on how to make your plain old lampshade a little bit fancier.


Step 1: Find a lampshade. The plainer, the better. 😉


Step 2: Collect your supplies. Decide on a color of ribbon, pompoms, rickrack, lace, etc and buy enough to decorate the edges of your lamp. I got my supplies at Walmart, but you can buy them at just about any craft store. I couldn’t decided between the yellow or mint pompoms, so I bought both and figured I’d decide while doing the project. Also, don’t forget your glue gun.


Step 3: Start by gluing the pom poms, rickrack or ribbon on your lampshade. Be careful not to glue too far ahead of yourself, because hot glue dries quickly.


Step 4: Let your lampshade’s fancy decorations dry before putting your lampshade back on its base. And there you have it…Wasn’t that easy!?