DIY Fabric Baby Mobile

Over the last few days, I’ve had some time to do a few nursery projects! One of them was a fabric mobile I saw on Pinterest and etsy. I figured it looked easy enough to make and it turned out super cute. I’m excited to show you guys what it looks like once it’s hung up in the nursery. Here’s my step-by-step directions for making this super easy and adorable fabric ribbon mobile!

¬†Step 1: Search your local craft store, Walmart or home craft bin to find the perfect ribbon and fabric for your mobile. I like choosing a variety of ribbon types so you get some dimension and variation. You’ll want to decide on your nursery colors first. I went with pinks, yellow, turquoise, greens. I wanted her room to be feminine and cheery. IMG_9237Step 2: Get a good pair of fabric scissors and an embroidery hoop. I went with the 12 inch hoop and only used the inner hoop section, not the part with the hardware. I found mine at Joanne’s for a great price (around $4), but you can find them on Amazon and other places. Also, don’t forget some sort of ribbon to hang up your sewing hoop while you’re working and a fabric tape measure or a regular one!


Step 3: Measure and cut your ribbon or fabric to whatever length you’ve chosen. I decided on 30 inches, because the ribbon is actually folded in half and that still gave my mobile some decent length.


Step 4: Hang up your hoop from a shower curtain rod, lamp, etc so you can work on assembling the mobile. I hung mine over my kitchen island. Loop the ribbons and fabric through. As you can see, I chose to go with one fabric at a time and space it out equally.


Step 5: Add in the rest of your ribbon and fabric. Don’t forget to leave a space for you to tie a ribbon or string so you can hang your mobile. I plan to have my mobile hung from four points on the hoop, so I left two extra spaces. Later on when I hang it in the nursery, I’ll decide on the length of the ribbons used to suspend the mobile from the ceiling.


There you have it, the easiest baby mobile and the cutest addition to my baby’s nursery!¬† Also, the entire project cost about $15! Score. If you want to buy one instead of making it, here are a few on etsy that I thought were adorable. :)

GingerFeast’s Burgundy Mobile

Twelve30Mobiles Lace Mobile

Kite Parade’s Chandelier Beach Nursery Mobile

Cheers! xx