Reykjavik City Guide (Iceland Part 2)

If you missed our Iceland video and big family announcement, it’s posted here! This post is all about Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital and only actual city. It’s quaint, charming and wonderfully friendly. When we were there, it was freezing (as you can see from photos), but so worth the visit and we’d happily go back again. Here are a few of my recommendations on places to stay, things to do and restaurants. IMG_8055

IMG_8068IMG_3918What we loved: It’s a very walk-able, small city so it’s easy to get your bearings and figure out how to get from point A to point B. We loved the friendliness, the cleanliness and amazing food. I’ve heard people say such terrible things about Icelandic food, but we thought that was about as far from the truth as you can get. We thought their food was incredible and really healthy too.


Hotel: Centerhotel Thingholt. We loved this hotel SO much! It was in a perfect location, easy to find and seemed to fit the type of modern Icelandic hotel we were imagining. The walls of our room were all exposed concrete, which was really cool! Tripadvisor and Google both give it great reviews, and we do too!


Restaurants: Glo (veggie sushi was incredible!), Messinn (I can’t say enough about the fish!!),  Íslenski Barin (get the reindeer burger), Sandholt (for some coffee and treats), Lemon (for the avocado lovers), Primo Ristorante (authentic Italian food).


To do in Reykjavik: Visit Hallgrímskirkja, the beautiful Lutheran church and climb to the top for amazing views of the city.  Explore the Harpa Concert Hall and see all of its beautiful glass! Shop in all the cute boutique shops in the main restaurant and shopping area. Take a walking tour or go on a walking tour alone to get a feel for the city. There are also several museums you could visit if you’d like to do that, but we only spent 2 days in Reykjavik because we used it as our home base to take tours to other parts of Iceland. And don’t forget to EAT all the good food. :)

IMG_8382IMG_8095IMG_8108IMG_8080 (1)IMG_8077

Stay tuned for I’ll post about our day trips from Reykjavik where we explored the South Coast, Snaefells Peninsula and Golden Circle! Iceland, you were a dream and we’ll love you always.

Cheers and happy travels!