Life Lately

The month of October has been a much needed change of pace from the rest of the year. It was filled with evenings with friends, visits from family, a cooking class, farmer’s market mornings and antique shop finds. We’ve been able to work on our house a lot lately and find a bit more time for “staycations.” Also, I finally got to bring out my fall sweaters and it felt so good. :) Here are a few photos of life lately.


One of our favorite parts about our city is Main Street and how much our town is investing in this area. It’s given us a few really awesome restaurants and some great memories with friends.


I love any place that serves Moscow Mules and popcorn. ;)


Local farmer’s markets are one of my favorite things about fall. I scored some apples and mums to help welcome fall.


Since moving here, I’ve hoped and prayed for a sweet community and I’m so thankful God gave that to us.


Whole Foods offers cooking classes and we had the best time doing a date night at one of their German cooking classes.


Our meal was made family style and topped with wine or beer and cupcakes.


I’m so ready to go to Germany and eat this kind of food every day.


These cupcakes <3




Seriously, such a great idea for a date night is to go to a cooking class together.

One night this month, we had a Greek feast and it was so delicious. Stuffed peppers are always a good idea.

One night this month, we had a Greek feast and it was so delicious. Stuffed peppers are always a good idea. (There was a LOT of good food in October).


My mom and grandma made a visit for a weekend! We had so much fun showing them around our town, having coffee and catching up.


The face you make when you’re so happy to be with your family!


Thankful for time with two of my favorite ladies.


And I’m thankful for this guy. :)


Also, here’s my latest antique store find. I’m in love with these chairs and have been looking everywhere for them. I got these on sale and I can’t wait to finish our dining room!

I’m so thankful for this month of downtime and the upcoming excitement that the holidays will bring. I love everything about the holiday season and I especially love using that time to reflect on all of our many blessings. My goal for this holiday season is to not get so wrapped up in the frenzy, but rather spend time being present with the people I love and making the most of the time we have together. Have a great last few days of October!

Cheers! xx