Fabric Bow Tutorial

It’s spring, so you know what that means. Baby showers, weddings, and the works. And these are a few of my favorite things. 😉 Honestly, I’m pretty excited that most of our friends are moving from wedding season to baby season. With the babies we know being born this year, most are girls, so I’ve been needing a few ideas for baby girl gifts. I found this really cute idea for fabric hair bows. I love making bows, as you know from my last bow tutorial, and these bows are the prettiest I’ve seen so far. They’re incredibly easy, require just a few stitches and a small amount of fabric. So, here’s my easy fabric bow tutorial! :)

Supplies: fabric, needles, thread, alligator hair clips, fabric scissors and hot glue gun.


1. Choose fabric from your local fabric store, like Joanne’s. I usually like to choose from the fabric quarters or other leftover fabric pieces.


2. Cut your fabric into a long rectangle.


3. Fold fabric like this…


4. Pinch fabric together in the middle of folded rectangle and stitch together with thread. Wrap thread around middle of bow and knot thread.


5. Take a small piece of fabric and wrap around middle of bow; secure with stitch. When bow is completed, you can hot glue an alligator clip or any other type of barrette to the back of bow.


See, I told you this was an easy bow tutorial. 😉 Happy crafting and bow making!