Swan House Exploring

We’ve been trying to do a lot more exploring of Atlanta over the last few months and this weekend, Matt’s family came for a visit. So, we decided it was the perfect chance to see the Atlanta History Center and Swan House. It was a really cold weekend, so having something to do indoors was nice. I’d been dying to see Swan House for a while now, because after all, I love all things old, Downton Abbey-esque and charming. The house was really well maintained and decorated like the kind of house I’d actually want to live in if it were 1935 (well, actually, I’d totally live in it now…haha). The colors are incredible and definitely would’ve matched our wedding colors perfectly. Also, the wallpaper is the prettiest. I wish it wasn’t so hard to take that stuff down when you get tired of looking at it everyday. Swan House was even used in a couple movies recently. Anyway, if you’re in the Atlanta area, check this place out! Tickets aren’t expensive at all and you even get a free ticket to the Margaret Mitchell House. :) Which is definitely the next place on our list…

Happy Thursday, friends!


I’m glad we’ve come a long way with our cars. :)


Such a beautiful place from just about every angle.


It was also Valentine’s weekend! So, here’s to my forever Valentine and travel buddy. :)


Oh my, I have a thing for ivy and old walls. So, so pretty.


Blue doors <3


A little upgrade from the first car! ;)


Black and white checkered floors might just be the best kind of floors. Also, I love it when my outfit matches the floor.


1: That chandelier is a dream. And 2: Where can I get some of that wallpaper?



See, I told you this place matched our wedding colors. Mint and peach everywhere you look.


Quite the library collection and most of them are so old, they can’t even pick them up.


Spiral staircases are obviously a must in a mansion. Duh.


My favorite room in all the house. A serious dream.



And this was their bathroom…

IMG_1803 IMG_1806

Cheers! xx