A fall video & apple recipes

Hope you guys are having a happy November so far and enjoying the weekend! It’s been a rainy few weeks for us and I’ve been fighting some sort of cold for a while now, so we were definitely ready for this weekend and this new month. Thankfully, we shouldn’t be doing as much traveling for the next few weeks and I am SO excited about that. I love to travel, but sometimes it gets a bit tiring. So, I’m happy to get to be a homebody for the next few weeks. Yay!!

As promised, here’s a video of our recent fall festivities and adventures with friends when they came to visit a few weekends ago. See my first post about our apple picking and wine tasting! These little videos are so much fun to put together and always remind me that I need to take videos way more often than I do. (Video at end of this post. Music is “Times Goin” by the Riverside. Check them out here.)

Also, one of my favorite parts of being a newlywed is having someone else who’s willing to try new foods and recipes. We both love food and love trying new things, so cooking has been a pretty great adventure for me over the last few months. With all of the apples we acquired from apple picking last month, we decided we needed to find some new fall recipes that involved apples. Here were our two favorites! Both are super easy to make and easy to pack for lunches.

Apple & Cheese Quiche: I pretty much followed this recipe exactly, but I didn’t make my own crust. I just find it easiest to buy the frozen Pillsbury kind. Instead of using crème fraîche, I used sour cream. Matt loves this recipe so much. Find the recipe here!

Crockpot Chicken with Apples & Sweet Potatoes: Anything in the crockpot is a time saver and always seems to come out delicious. I followed the recipe exactly, except I added actual apple chunks (because we had so many apples to get rid of) and used cumin instead of curry. AMAZING. My kitchen smelled so good for the next two days. Find the recipe here!

Cheers! xx