Positano City Guide

I am so super excited to finally be sharing the last of the Italy City Guides from our honeymoon earlier this year. :) If you missed my first few guides, check them out now! Positano was probably our favorite of all the Italian places we visited. Everything about this place was magical. They have history, rich colors, delicious food and just about everything you need to enjoy your vacation. Take a look for yourself…


This was our first view of Positano as we rounded a corner. I think we both thought we were in a dream for a second. And then we realized this would be our home away from home for a few days. :) IMG_5545IMG_1204What we loved: What’s not to love!? This place is a dream. We will definitely be back one day. I mean, first of all, we loved that this place actually looked like it does in the movies. It’s breathtaking. The people were so kind, the food was beyond delicious and the views were everything. We loved how relaxing it was and how wonderful it was to just hang out on our balcony, wander into beach-side shops and eat lemon sorbet. We loved that Positano was really fun to navigate because it’s not a very big place and has very few main roads. There aren’t too many cars, because Positano like many other Amalfi Coast towns is built into the mountainside, so you just have to be willing to climb lots and LOTS of steps. Perhaps our very favorite part was actually where we stayed. But, more about that in a second…


See the steps? Yep, there’s more where those came from. And I just couldn’t get over the colors and beautiful architecture everywhere.


Where we stayed: We stayed at La Casa Di Peppe, which is a boutique villa still owned by a man who grew up in the house. You guessed it, his name is Peppe. And he is awesome. Literally, Peppe took care of everything. Our rooms were clean, we had complimentary drinks, incredible included breakfast, beautiful views from our room and Peppe even booked any excursions we wanted to take. The staff at Peppe’s villa are just the sweetest and he has so many connections in Positano. Peppe even took time to get to know us and help us learn a little bit about where he grew up. When we come back, this is exactly where we’ll be staying! I really don’t think we have enough nice things to say about this place.

How long we stayed: We stayed 4 days in Positano and we would’ve easily stayed for years. 😉


When we first saw this, Peppe said, “Welcome to paradise.” And I that’s exactly how it feels.


The living room of the villa.


I loved every inch of this place’s little decorations and details.


Our room was so adorable and had beautiful views!


Oh and the breakfast at La Casa Di Peppe was to die for.

Favorite sites:  With Positano, you just need to give yourself time to wander and relax. Our favorite adventures were going on a private boat tour along the Amalfi Coast with Grassi Junior (3 hour boat tour), venturing into town to shop, buying a painting from a street side vendor and just exploring. There’s so much to do here. You can be as busy or as relaxed as you’d like to be. But, I’d highly recommend letting yourself just relax and kind of go with the flow. Give yourself time to eat a really long meal and take in the incredible views. Lots of people like to take day trips to other places, like Pompei, but we were all adventured out and wanted to relax in Positano. This was the last leg of our Italy adventure and we needed downtime.


Favorite restaurants: Ohhhh, this is a tough one. We loved every restaurant we tried. See the pictures below for details and links to our favorites. :)

If you’re looking for quality Italian food and seafood, Il Fornillo Ristorante is your place. It’s right next to the taxi/bus stop in Positano, so chances are, you will pass it at some point or another on your journey through Positano.


Our welcome to Positano dinner.


If you do try Il Fornillo, get the scallops! Incredible.

We loved Ristorante Covo Dei Saraceni for an after boating lunch. And they had the yummy lemon sorbet that you’ll find in the picture below.  I saw it and knew I had to have it ASAP. 😉 You’re welcome.


We loved having a picnic on our balcony one afternoon. We picked up food from the grocery store in town called Delicatessen. I was really impressed with their variety of already cooked foods, pastas, sandwiches, snacks and anything else we wanted. Also, check out the fruit and giant lemons!

IMG_5832IMG_5830 For a nice steak dinner, we had the restaurant shuttle for da Vincenzo’s pick us up and take us up the mountain to the restaurant’s location. You can have your hotel concierge call the free shuttle services that a lot of restaurants provide. SO incredibly delicious and beautiful ambiance. It’s even Rick Steves recommended.

IMG_5870 Our last night, we went to Ristorante La Cambusa that was also recommended by Peppe and we loved it. It’s right by the main beach, so you can shop or go to the beach before dinner and then relax while still getting a beautiful view. It was here that we had our celebrity sighting of Kirstie Alley who was outside of another restaurant nearby.

Also, don’t forget to try as much gelato as you can! :)

Tips & tricks:

  • Utilize your concierge or owner of your hotel and have them help you find the perfect companies for any of the adventures you’d like to take.
  • Be sure to visit the local grocery store and have a picnic on your balcony or somewhere outside.
  • The easiest way to get to Positano is to take a train to Naples and then hire a private car to drive you to Positano. We loved Positano Limousine Service and used them to and from Positano. The drivers we had were awesome and would stop at random places if we wanted to take pictures or get a snack. Keep in mind, the car may have to drop you off pretty far from your hotel, because there are very limited places for cars once you get to Positano. You may have to walk part of the way to your hotel.
  • You have to be willing to walk with your bags and carry them over steps upon steps. We recommend a backpack.
  • On that note, definitely do your research on what you want to do in Positano and be sure to pack accordingly. For more packing tips, see my packing guide and other posts about traveling.
  • Be sure to carry a paper map of Positano, because the phone GPS often had a hard time finding us. But, you’ll learn Positano quickly! No worries.

This was a really cool thing to see one day while staying in Positano. Sometimes the clouds sort of look like they get stuck in the mountains and it almost seems like you can touch them.


To us Florida babies, visiting the private beach area here was weird, because the sand was very different than our Florida beach sand.


How we got around the city: As I said before, cars have limited places they can go. So, you’ll mostly be walking. If you want to go to any of the other Amalfi towns, some people like to utilize the shuttle services that a lot of restaurants provide for free. Getting to Positano, we used a black car service that picked us up from the train station in Naples. Also, consider the option of buses or boats for different things that you may want to do.


Too bad this wasn’t our car. ;)


Oh, and if you’re really cool, you can just land your helicopter on that helipad to the left. I mean, only if you’re cool enough. Haha.

Well, I sure know I can’t wait to go back to Positano. Going through these pictures makes me miss it that much more and hope to return one day for our anniversary. I hope you enjoyed all of our Italy City Guides and travel posts. Happy travels!

Cheers! xx