Plantation & Stone Mountain Exploring

This past weekend, some of Matt’s family came for a visit to Atlanta. A lot of our weekend was spent eating delicious food, touring old plantations, exploring Stone Mountain and enjoying the incredible fall weather. I’m talking about 60 degree weather! I don’t know about you, but I live for colder weather, wearing scarves and boots. I am so beyond ready to shed this Atlanta heat. If you ever get a chance to visit the Atlanta area, you should definitely check out the two places we toured this weekend! The first was the Archibald Smith Plantation in Roswell, Georgia. The second was the plantation at Stone Mountain, as well as Stone Mountain’s famous rock just on the outskirts of Atlanta. I love getting to explore our new city and I like it even better when family tags along! :)

The next few pictures are from our time at the Smith Plantation. They do a really cool tour of the inside of the house, and then let you tour the grounds on your own. It’s crazy to think that someone actually used to call this home. This place has seen a whole lot of history.

IMG_8842 IMG_8851 IMG_8863

On Sunday we packed up and headed out to Stone Mountain where we were greeted by another pretty day with crisp fall air, sunshine and not a cloud in sight.

If you’re not up to hiking the mountain (which is really fun, by the way!), then you can take the little lift up the side of the mountain and still get the incredible views you’ll see in the next few pictures.

Apparently this is one of the largest carvings in the country!

I don’t think I could ever get sick of this view. <3


After we went to the top of the mountain, we spent some time in the park. We made our way across the street to the plantation on the Stone Mountain property and it’s just the cutest! Matt and I hadn’t been here since last October, so it was fun to see what had changed. A lot has definitely changed in our lives too!

We even saw these cute deer running through the wooded area near the plantation!

Ohh the colors of this house are just the best and they kind of match my shirt. So obviously, I had to take a picture in front of it. Obviously.

We got to practice taking the seed out of cotton and that’s pretty tough work.

That bee liked these flowers as much as I do! :) If only I could keep my plants alive as well as they do here. Unfortunately, I have a permanent black thumb. We’re working on that…


I can feel fall in the air and I’m just so excited about it! Here’s to many more weekends exploring Atlanta in cooler weather. It’s my favorite time of year! :)

Cheers! xx