Hello, friends!

A few months ago, I decided that this new chapter in my life deserves an updated blog space and a new name. My old blog was a bit outdated and needed some work. So, my husband and I decided to do something about it once all the crazy wedding stuff calmed down. As some of you know, a lot has changed over the last few years and more rapidly over the last few months. It’s absolutely insane how quickly life changes after college. There have been new jobs, adjusting to grown up responsibilities, moving to a new state, new family members, a wedding and traveling a lot in between.

All of this is to say that life moves incredibly fast and seems to present its fair share of challenges along the way. For me, the best way to deal with a fast paced, constantly changing life has always been to write about it. I’m sentimental, so I like the documentation and I like the fact that it helps me reflect on where we’ve been. I’ve also found that when we write about things, we tend to be more honest with ourselves. And when we are more honest with ourselves, we’re much more likely to impact and help others who may be going through the same challenges. That’s exactly what I hope to do with this blog.

The new blog name, “Pearls & Postcards” represents the kind of content I hope to include on this blog. For those who have known me for a while, you know that I wear pearls most days, because I love that they are so classic and versatile. Also, I think there’s something so genuine and beautiful about pearls. I hope to bring these characteristics to my posts and somehow bring a bit of inspiration to others. As far as postcards, that term represents my interest in all things vintage or travel related and my desire to keep in touch with loved ones.  I am that girl who would jump on a plane in a heartbeat and always has a bag ready to go, but I also adore the space I’ve learned to call “home.” I hope to post often about our travels, local adventures, home life, how-to projects, learning experiences and eclectic style.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a series on our recent wedding, a few upcoming apartment projects and a couple life lessons moving has taught me. Also, stay tuned for my first of several posts about our recent Italian honeymoon, how we planned, packed and enjoyed our adventure. I’ve had a lot of friends requesting our itineraries from past trips and asking for helpful tips on traveling, so I thought you all would enjoy that too.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading and happy adventuring, friends.

Cheers! xx