Part 1: Budapest with BudaBEST!

I’ve said this before, and I’ll probably say it a thousand times over, but I really think one of the most educational things you can do is travel. It opens your eyes to new ways of doing things and helps you see yourself a little more clearly. And if you can travel with an open mind, you might even find ways to love people you just met and be reminded that despite all the bad happening in this world, God has so much goodness for us.

This guy will always be my favorite travel buddy :)

This guy will always be my favorite travel buddy :)

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Blue Ridge let us see a couple of really beautiful sunsets and we had some family time!

Summertime lately!

It’s been a busy summer, which is why I haven’t written in a while. We bought a house, didn’t have internet for a month (thanks Comcast), went to Hungary on a mission trip and now we’re back dealing with the challenges of home ownership. Somewhere in between all of that, we went to Blue Ridge with family and had a couple of local adventures. We’ve also had a lot of water damage. We had to move out of our apartment early because pipes kept breaking upstairs. So, we had to move into our new home a month early and less than a week before we left for Hungary. After we got back from Hungary, we had some water damage in our new house. Thankfully, things seem to be getting sorted out and I’m looking forward to the beginning of the school year.

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A Friendscation in our city

It’s become a tradition to have our friends Ashley and Nathan stay with us for New Year’s and a weekend in the summer. For this “Friendscation,” we ate our favorite pizza, worked on adult things (like home loan paperwork, grad school papers & PA school applications), explored Ponce City market, walked the greenway and watched movies. Also, I had a baby shower to go to for another sweet friend. Side note, we have SO many baby friends being born this year. I’m quite happy to say I’m excited we are leaving the “wedding season” stage of life and heading into the “baby shower” stage. :)

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Wolf Mountain Winery

A few weekends ago, we took a trip north to Dahlonega to visit Wolf Mountain Vineyards & Winery. This place had been on our Georgia bucket list ever since we moved here and we were excited when our friends invited us along. We are big fans of traveling, but also fans of exploring the area we live in. Because we are relatively new here, there’s still just so much to see. This place is beautiful and worth the drive if you’re anywhere near the Georgia mountains. We ate at their really cool cafe, took a wine tour and did a wine tasting at the end. Here are a few photos from our weekend! Hope you enjoy. :)

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5 Things I’ve Learned From Teaching

Earlier this week, I finished another school year and this one was one of my favorites. Sometimes there are just classes that will forever hold a special place in your heart because of the collective personalities of the kids, their sense of humor and the way that they love each other. This was definitely one of those classes. I will genuinely miss these guys, which made their graduation bittersweet. I also really love the school I work at and the people I work with, so the end of the school year leaves me feeling grateful and genuinely excited for next year. Next year, I’ll be taking on a different age group, K4, and I can’t wait! I have learned over the last three years that early childhood education is an area of education that I thoroughly enjoy, because it’s challenging and rewarding. I love how much of an impact you can have when you’re helping the kids grasp new concepts, encouraging manners, teaching them how to be good citizens and helping them have more successful school careers.

Working in education these last three years has taught me more about myself than I ever thought possible. There’s patience, organization, diplomacy, and a slew of other skills you have to polish while educating children. I love how this career path has forced me to think outside of myself and find ways to help others. I like that I can be creative and literally get paid to do just that. I wanted to share 5 things I’ve learned and been reminded of as I work with kids. The more I work with this age group, the more I realize that pretty much all of the basic concepts adults need to be successful in life can be learned in these early years of education. Continue reading

And these too. :)

A long weekend & thoughts on friendship

I just got back from an amazing long weekend back home with my family and friends, celebrating Mother’s Day and one of my best friend’s gender reveal parties (she’s having a girl and I couldn’t be more excited!!!). Some of my favorite things in life are getting to celebrate my friends’ big moments in life. Like having babies, new jobs, getting married, graduating from grad school and living out their dreams. I really can’t imagine life without friends who put so much meaning into your life and help show you pieces of your own heart. And this past weekend just left me feeling so grateful. Continue reading


Vancouver City Guide & Video

For the second half of our Northwest anniversary/birthday trip, Matt and I took a train to Vancouver, BC (check out the first half of our trip here). Oh, man. This place was incredible. I’ve heard Vancouver is just amazing, but sometimes, places don’t live up to all the hype. Well, I’d say Vancouver is the exception. It was every bit as beautiful and breathtaking as people say.

Enjoy a few notes on our favorite things to do while in Vancouver and recommendations for places to stay or eat. Also, we made a little video and included a few photos of our time exploring Vancouver and the island of Victoria. Hope you enjoy!

Here’s our video, press play :)

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Seattle City Guide & Video

Because our anniversary and birthdays are so close together, we decided a while back that our gifts to each other would be in the form of trips. I’m a huge proponent of traveling, especially with your significant other for so many reasons. Besides the way it bonds you through experiencing new things together, traveling also provides a way for you to continue shaping your world view and view of yourself. Check out my past blog posts about our favorite way to pack (in backpacks) and how we plan trips.

For this trip, we decide we wanted to go somewhere completely different than where we’ve previously been. And I think we picked the perfect place. We settled on a trip to Seattle and then taking the train to Vancouver for a few days. April is just one of the best times to travel because it’s part of the shoulder season (cheaper and less busy), plus this part of North America was just bursting with spring. To say we loved our time in the Northwest would be an understatement. We may or may not have come home from our trip dreaming about moving there one day. 😉

Here’s our video, press play :)

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Our 1st Anniversary

This past Monday, Matt and I celebrated our first year of marriage. I just can’t even believe we’ve been married for an entire year already. It’s been the sweetest year with lots of challenges, laughter, joy, growing and learning. There’s no one I would rather have by my side as I try to figure out life. Here’s a look back on our wedding day and what I had to say about being married for 6 months! Also, here’s a video of our wedding day. It still makes me cry a bit 😉

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